Scott Curran

Scott Curran

Ask Scott Curran what he does for a living, and he will modestly tell you he’s “a financial planning guy with an office ‘down the street.”

Truth be told, this thirty-year financial services veteran was trained in a “plan first” approach, offering financial planning when that discipline was just coming to life.

“I always tell clients, ‘I don't have any magic investments or insurance in my drawer here that you can't buy anywhere else. The value I bring is in us talking, getting you on a track, and keeping you on the track to help get to where you want to go,’ Scott says. “And along the way, we will use products like investments and insurance to fill the gaps, but don’t forget that the real value is in the planning.”

Since starting out in 1986, Scott has developed a firm following, growing his Mountain Lakes, New Jersey practice entirely by referral. Known for their professionalism and follow-through, The Curran Group lives by Scott’s mantra: If you say you will do something, then do it.”

Scott professes he enjoys the feeling of responsibility for helping clients “get to their spot.” As a business owner, he’s proud to provide stable employment for his team. “They are great people, and I truly enjoy being able to work alongside them,” he says.

When he’s not at work, you’ll catch Scott taking in a live country music concert, rooting for the Yankees, long distance running, and spending time on the Jersey Shore.

Scott earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Rutgers University. He and his wife, Lucy, have two grown sons, Scott and Ryan.

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